Mequanenta     05-03-2016 01:44:35 pm
5A means the abbreviation of Amhara national Regional State Authorized Accountants and Auditors Association.
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Every member can access Any Resource related to Regulation, proclamation, Directives & Rules and Forms From the main menu Labeled as Resource. then Click Your choice from the coming sub menu. lastly click your desired selection when the the pointer changes to Link Indicator pointer.
  Mequanenta     06-19-2016 05:11:12 am
ሁሉም የማህበሩ አባል መልስ መስጠት ይችላል ነገር ግን መልስ ለመስጠት members መመዝገብ አለባችሁ፡፡ ስለዚህ እራሳችሁን በመመዝገብ የምታውቁትን መመለስ ተችላላጭሁ፡፡ in order respond to any FAQ you need to login to the system only login users can answer the questions. Mequanent wondimu Senior Programer Global Computer Engineering.
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